New Site! New Shop! Expansion and more!


The site has been given a much needed update! Many products that have been discontinued or changed have been edited. Because most of our parts sales and business is done through email inquires, I decided to streamline the websites products offerings, with just small examples of whats available. Most products on the site now, are things that sell a lot, and are very popular. 

I am eternally grateful for how far the shop has come in such a short time. The reviews from the community, customers, etc have been detrimental to the shops success. I simple, could not have done it without you guys. 

In the coming months, if things go as planned, the shop will be expanding once again. Don't worry though, we are staying in the East Bay! More space, means more lifts, which means more help, faster turn around times, and more availability. I cannot wait!

So please bare with me as I continue to update the site, catch up on emails and quotes, and start the process of moving to the new space. 

Again, this could not have been done without the amazing support of this community, thank you all so much!