About Us

After spending years in the auto industry, and working for numerous establishments, it was pretty clear what was lacking. Reliable, trustworthy automotive shops, are few and far between; The Racers Line set out to change that. Our goal to stay on that track, is to continue to build up our reputation by providing the best customer experience possible.  
TRL is here to change the stereotypical view of automotive shops. Our business is organized around a total experience, not just an invoice. From the first interaction, we want the customer to feel fully included in the maintaining and modification of their pride and joy. Customizable packages, top quality parts, and unbeatable service are just a small piece of what we really offer. Come to the shop and see a clean, organized and fully functioning workspace, that is designed to give your car the ultimate treatment. When your car is at The Racers Line, it will be loved like one of our own personal cars. 
Thank you for the opportunity of earning your business, we look forward to hearing from you soon!
For more information about vehicles and services offered, check out the FAQ section.